If EA Was Serious About the Vita, Madden NFL 13 Is Not A Good Way to Show It | I don’t buy Madden every year. It just isn’t something I find value in. I tend to wait for those massive upgrade years where EA decides it’s time to punch the critics in the face and come out big. I’ve played the new Madden on the Xbox 360 but only after playing the Vita version. I did buy Madden last year and this makes it the first time I’ve ever bought back to back years of our annual football game.

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swansong2265d ago

It's still the best portable Madden football ever. A few patches could improve it but never the less you will not find a better portable Madden. I for one am glad it even made it on the Vita. It did not come out this year for the 3ds.

teedogg802265d ago

I agree. I've been enjoying it quite a bit ever since I've had it. I'll whip it out at work and do a couple of plays when I'm not doing nothing.

Beetey2264d ago

I would actually disagree. The last portable Madden I played was 11 on the psp, but I remember getting hours of enjoyment out of it. To me, (all I played was the demo mind you) madden 13 just didn't feel like near as much fun.

SandWitch2265d ago

Madden may not be the best example, but look at FIFA Football (flawless game at every point) or NFS:MW (looks pretty much impressive so far). EA and Ubisoft are the only two west publishers that actually are serious about PS VITA.

imXify2265d ago

Most Wanted for DAYS ! Police chase every day while going to school.

CaptCalvin2264d ago

You're right, which is why they have other games to show that they're serious about the Vita.

nevin12264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

[email protected] Vita defenders. Based on reviews, this game was half assed.