Ninja Gaiden, Black on Xbox Originals

Those complaining (already) about the lack of new releases on the Xbox 360's Originals service can shut their traps now - three new games, including Ninja Gaiden Black are arriving next week.

Along with Tecmo's ninja slasher, Criterion's excellent FPS Black and Sid Meier's Pirates! will be arriving on Xbox Live next Monday, February 11. Presumably they'll be for the usual price of 1200 Microsoft points (£10.20), which isn't bad considering Bejeweled is going for 800 points (£6.50).

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ChaosKnight3850d ago

Damn, and here I recently purchased Ninja Gaiden Sigma =P Black was a good game... short but fun.

Zhuk3850d ago

I will probably purchase NGB and Pirates!, I LOVE Pirates it's a fantastic remake

predator3850d ago

sweet havent played ng or black due to me not having an xbox, ill be getting both.

Gitaroo3850d ago

they should really do Metal Wolf Chaos!!! Since it was never released in the US.

Robearboy3850d ago

Pity i dont have the 120 gig hard drive:(

Bnet3433849d ago

You don't need to have a 120 GB HDD to download Xbox Originals. You can do it with a 20 GB.

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The story is too old to be commented.