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Dealspwn writes: How do you take on the mighty big guns of Call of Duty or Battlefield? Giving your game away for free isn’t a bad place to start. We’ve seen the free-to-play market really boom this year, a trend further enforced by the large presence of many free-to-play titles at this years’ Gamescom Expo in Germany.

To be honest though, those hungering for ‘proper’ games haven’t had anything to match the core experience offered by bigger premium games. CCP would like to change that attitude though with their new PS3 title, Dust 514, an MMO first-person shooter.

They’re not just breaking the rules with their pricing though; they’re putting PS3 gamers into new territory by forming an alliance with PC players. Dust 514 belongs to the game universe of EVE Online, a very different experience featuring orbital spaceships far above the planets in space. EVE Online is huge too. It’s set in the galaxy of Eden with seven thousand solar systems and fifty-sixty thousand planets.

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Avernus2083d ago

Hands on preview...of the Beta. I've heard allot of bad comments from people playing the beta, it's like they think it's a demo, and not know it's an ACTUAL beta.

Hit detection is off, and general gameplay feels a bit clunky, some balancing issues to be sorted, and general bugs and glitches.

The game shows allot of promise, but like EVE, it's not really geared towards the casual market. The RPG style of leveling up your character is vast, and intimidating to new comers, but is a very addicting art of playing the game. Hope CCP releases the game in good state with the major problems solved.

Tetsujin2083d ago

I remember being a part of the Socom Confrontation beta, and it was the exact same game released a month later. Granted it was Slant 6, and later the trophy patch came out to help boost player participation, however I hope this company puts in the effort to make it more stable before release.

Avernus2083d ago

You say a month later...I've been in DUST beta for 3 months now, and CCP said it's now looking at a 2013 release, with at least 2 more beta builds to release.

The game has improved allot over the builds, and with 2 builds remaining, with more than 3 months of dev time, CCP can improve the game even more.

Just saying, DUST shouldn't be judged too harshly from the closed beta. The game is literally in the process of being made. It's been fun being part of it tbh.

bggriffiths2083d ago

If you actually read the article, it's a hands-on preview based on a play session at Gamescom and not the Beta. The build is different to the current closed beta. I've played both.

HammadTheBeast2083d ago

Better or worse. From game play, it seems the games com one is smoother, cleaner and more fluid. Am I right?

bggriffiths2083d ago

@ Hammad. Yeah, it was. Good times ahead hopefully.