Pubstomp: How we watched the DoTA 2 International

Noble Press: The thought of gathering together with a group of like-minded individuals is always a treat. So, naturally, when we heard about the DOTA 2: The International Pubstomp, we had to check it out. There were a few Pubstomps around the US, and we were lucky enough to have had one take place close to us. Then, a party of us all met at the Lake Forest Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the event. Not to discredit The International or the event itself, but I honestly did not think that they were going to have a full house. As I entered the Buffalo Wild Wings I was greeted with a house packed full of fans. It was jaw-dropping. I know nerds like to gather at places such as PAX, Comic-Con, and so forth, but gathering to watch a game that was still in beta was a bit shocking to me...

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