Q&A: Nintendo's Satoru Iwata

After dominating 2007, the famed CEO and president talks about expanding into new markets, the WiiWare launch, third-party publishers' doubts, and the secret of the DS and Wii's success.

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PS360WII3818d ago

when talking about the Dec NPD results

"only five of the 20 Wii titles on the list were created by Nintendo, with the remaining 15 from third party developers. But even with those numbers there, that isn't the impression you get. It feels like it takes a bit of time for popular perception to catch up to the actual sales figures."

ItsDubC3817d ago

Unfortunately w/ the mindset that many gamers have, "a bit of time" is probably an understatement.

wiizy3817d ago

good job iwata ,..keep up that vision.