Be Nintendo Beta Tester. Maybe Test Mario Kart Wii?

Kotaku reports, for those who want to beta test Nintendo games in Japan, listen up: Nintendo is looking for folks to beta what's rumored to be Mario Kart Wii. Working hours are Monday to Friday, 10am to 5pm. There's only an hour break for lunch, and the salary starts at ¥900 (US $8.40) per hour with the possibility of a raise. Travel expenses and health insurance are covered as well. The trial period last two weeks, while the actual gig could last up to six months. Interested parties should be aware that the testing will be done at Nintendo's Kyoto Research Center.

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Cyrus3653759d ago

the pay isn't good, but travel and expenses taken care of...I wonder if you need to speak japanese...

RiceFiend3758d ago

Pay isn't good? That is because they are paying you to play a highly anticipated game long before its actual release and all you need to do is offer feedback. Plus travel expenses and health insurance are paid and you get to go to Japan for free.

Jack_Burton3758d ago

Does this refer to Outside Japan or to Japan people only? Are they willing to pay some one from America to fly over there for a tester?

Cyrus3653758d ago

WEll it seems that way, if they are willing to pay for your "Travel" to japan, and insurance, and such. So yeah...

Shioka3758d ago

Not bad...i´m willing to help D: