The Difference Between East And West, According To DmC Devil May Cry’s Producer

DmC Devil May Cry producers, Motohide Eshiro and Alex Jones—both of Capcom—discuss the differences between Japanese and western game developers, and what Cambridge-based Ninja Theory bring to the latest Devil May Cry game.

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prototypeknuckles2289d ago

“The main difference, if we were to really simplify things,”
"is it seems that Western games tend to focus a lot on realism in animation,"
exactly what devil may cry isnt, DMC was over the top and like an anime, because thats what gave it a personality, now they want to make dante a realistic jackass that curses and flips people off, i tried to defend this game when it was first revealed but now, i just cant back the developers no more, first you dumb down the gameplay for casuals and add weapon cool downs,second you make dante an ass clown, and talk shit about the original fan base and still expect them to buy The game FUCK OFF NINJA THEORY & CRAPCOM, your not innovating on anything really everything in this game has been done before, your just dumbing down this game and trying to force new dante down peoples throats.

Xperia_ion2289d ago

Why would I buy this over God Of War ? Exaclty!!! They took away what made the game unique

Kratoscar20082289d ago

I would take God of war over any DMC any day.

Kin23g2289d ago

^^ I'd take DMC3 over any GoW game any day. I might hesitate with GoW2, though.

Baka-akaB2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

I'd just take both DMC3 and GoW .

GoW have more of an emphase on epic storytelling YET WITH STILL a mint perfect gameplay .
Now that's a good representative of western flavor

hkgamer2289d ago

GoW and DMC is completely different games right?
I dunno, don't know how they can be compared with each other.

I normally play more Japanese games then "Western" games, but I reckon this geenration I have slightly less Japanese games. Actually looking at my PS2(and every other console) collection it is probably 99.99% Japanese games.

I wasn't interested in western game developers before, but games like GTAIV, Heavenly Sword, uncharted, Prince of Persia(The anime looking one)& Fallout3 have made me play more western developed games.
I don't know, maybe its because of the storyline, the graphics, the animation. It just seems like they are more suitable this generation.
Well as I was a big fan of heavenly sword and its direction on cinematics, I actually believe that they can do a pretty decent version of DMC. However, the game must not have any slowdown, and must keep the fast paced action which forces the players to constantly pull out combos.

Now more on topic about East & west differences.

1. The Japanese always had communication difficulties with people above them. Japan's society is very hierarchical whilst in US is a little flatter.

2. Graphics and art. I'm going state an obvious one here, US has hollywood, Japan has Anime,(left out UK/EU because it is hard to categorise). US goes for more hollywood style graphics, whlst japanese are going for a smoother anime style look. you can tell by character models.
Another thing to point out is that US games needs to have a sense of realism init, a normal person won't be able to jump 10 feet in the air, but in japanese games its hard to find a character that doesn't jump under 10 feet.

can't be bothered typing anymore right now.

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ritsuka6662289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

The difference is western can't make a good Devil may cry game. Our idea of action game is too obvious, too literal, and too boring compared Devil may cry of japan....

HammadTheBeast2289d ago

This handy Cap com rap is rascist too now.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2289d ago

Japanese devs have a free pass to make wacky senseless games that western devs would get blasted for.

western = hero who saves world from aliens.
eastern = use magic stick to defend planet form fire breathing trurtle god with monkey bird hybrid sidekick.

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nevin12289d ago

"and add weapon cool downs,"


Kenshin_BATT0USAI2289d ago

I'm thinking the exact same thing.

If this is true, terrible idea. It's suppose to be an action game, what kinda of action game has...cooldowns? WTF.

Baka-akaB2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

This isnt about a difference between east vs west in this case . It's about a dev usually not good at delivery an action game and more interested in peripheral stuff like storytelling (without necessarily being better at it than most) , in a genre that usually demands tight gameplay first , the rest later .

NT doesnt represent the west in any way ... their style is their own and represent only them and their own obsession and quirks , good or bad

prototypeknuckles2289d ago

so true, ninja theory has good stories but i cant say they have amazing stry telling, and the combat in past games of theirs has been okay at best, its kind of funny how nariko looks more powerful in playstation all stars than she does in her own game

timeon111111111112289d ago

Exactly. It´s the same shit like when Tameem Antoniades disrespected Dante and Trish with these lines:

1) "What was cool from 12 years ago isn´t cool no more" (about inspiration of Dante = Blade, Cobra manga). Just a fact: DmC Dante is inspired by 1970s Punk movement.

2) "IF Dante walked into a bar in Tokyou he would get laugh out". Yes, because putting a video game character into a real life setting is realistically and logical. Let´s do that with Monkey from Enslaved that Ninja theory made. He would get laughed out big time. Doubt Dante would though.

Tameem Antoniades imposes his opinion of what cool is on fans and other people. And now he is doing it again by thinking he is representing the western developers.

dark-hollow2289d ago

westerns games have their own merits and Japanese too.
what I don't like is the trend of most Japanese companies outsourcing their IPs to western developers or trying to appeal to the western crowd.

if resident evil, final fantasy and the rest of the successful Japanese franchises are ALREADY loved by the western crowd, why trying to screw it more to appeal to the crowd that already like your game?

People loved those franchises since the beginning because they are great games made with the Japanese mindset which made it unique and loveable to the western gamer.

Tontus2289d ago

I don't like eastern games at all. I just hate Japanese games and their films... Well apart from Miyazaki's films.

I'm actually quite interested in the new DmC but I wouldn't even think about buying it over God of War: Ascension so I'll just wait for it to hit the glorious bargain bin, which won't take long considering how bad Ninja Theory games sell.

dark-hollow2289d ago

It's totally fair to not like eastern games, people have different tastes after all, but imagine if those western games started appealing to the Japanese crowd, imagine if god of war became over the top cheesy action with anime like cut scenes, of course you wouldn't like it and that's why we (gamers who love Japanese games) are furious over the trend of Japanese companies appealing to the westerns.

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