Battlefield 3: 5 Broken Features & How to Fix Them

WC writes: Battlefield 3 was released almost a year ago now, with high critical acclaim and much fanfare. But even though the game is still popular, and still brilliant, many fans have given up or switched back to Bad Company 2 because they are fed up with some aspects of BF3.

While I’m still playing BF3 and anxiously looking forward to this month’s Armored Kill, there is no denying Battlefield 3 has some issues. Let’s look at what they are and how DICE can patch them or fix them in Battlefield 4.

With the recent announcement on Battlefield 4, now is the perfect time to start looking over Battlefield 3 and for players to decide what they do and do not want in the next title. So here’s one player’s thoughts. Here’s hoping DICE is listening up for BF4 next year.

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