New Super Mario Bros. U images

Take a look at some brand new shots of New Super Mario Bros. U from the latest Game Informer.

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XB1_PS42260d ago

If I get the Wii U, It'll be for all the mario games and Zelda. I grew up on SMB3, so it has a special little hovel in my heart. Also, If they execute online play well with this game then I feel like I could be playing this for a long time to come.

camel_toad2260d ago

I grew up on Mario as well and loved 'em but since Nintendo is going for innovation and not a graphical leap then shouldn't the first Mario game be innovative?

This is just a play on nostalgia and not innovation. The WiiU needs an equivalent to the innovation that Mario 64 brough to the industry - not another Mario that relies on 27 year old gameplay mechanics.

guitarded772260d ago

Well, they're just getting their feet wit with the launch titles. Releasing what is safe, and just learning what the tech is capable of. I too grew up on Atari 2600 and NES, and this Mario game along with Zombie U will be the games I buy along side the Wii U day 1. If Mario U brings solid level design which the series is known for, I think it will be a great safe game for them. I expect Nintendo to be more innovative with titles like NintendoLand and others... Actually I'd prefer them to be innovative with titles like that and keep Mario, Metroid and Zelda based on the franchise's roots. I don't mind a little innovation, but forcing innovation in the Wii versions of Zelda and Metroid really turned me off.

camel_toad2260d ago


Yeh I do agree it shouldn't be forced for the same reasons you mention, specifically the forced wii-trols with Zelda and other games.

I also agree that Nintendo is playing it safe which is really my biggest problem right now with it even though I still plan to buy the wiiU at launch. I just want something different ya know because I'm not counting on the tablet alone to lead to any major game-changing ideas.

Sgt_Slaughter2260d ago

This looks like a true sequel to New SMB Wii. Not just a quick rehash like people thought. I wish they would have called it New Super Mario World U instead, but this works.

colonel1792260d ago

A true sequel to NSMB Wii, yes. Calling it New Super Mario World U, just no! SMW was epic. To have a sequel for it, it would take much more than NSMB U to get it right.

Sono4212260d ago

I see where he's coming from though. Have you seen the world map? It's way more like Super Mario World.

dark-hollow2260d ago

For a moment I read the title "new super smash bros. U images"

my eyes were like 0.0

Krew_922260d ago

Well it does look like a potential SSB stage, with all the platforms hanging and all.