Steam Linux Beta hinted at in CDR DB

Steam's content description record database reveals a potential impending beta for the long-awaited Linux version of the service.

The snoopers over at PCGamesN have reported on a finding hidden away in Steam's content description record database which seems to indicate a looming beta for the previously talked about Linux version of Steam.

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2291d ago

I really hope valve has success with this! I mean I really hope it changes pc gaming forever!

3GenGames2290d ago

Windows 8 release+Linux Steam client will only mean one thing....Linux will turn into the gaming go-to OS. Can't wait!

Qrphe2290d ago

I'm a Linux user, and even though I really doubt that would ever happen to Linux, I really wish if it to unexpectedly turn into what you say.

3GenGames2290d ago

I know it sounds like a stretch, but when you tell PC gamers they have these good games on it that also happen to run better, they'll do it for the extra performance. :P

And as for the person below me...haha, that's funny, that'll never happen and isn't needed. If you're not smart enough to use a LiveCD, you don't need to be on Linux.

DeadlyFire2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

Only way I see it happening is if Valve packaged a Mid-Range to High-end range Linux PC and started selling the hardware because millions have never ever touched Linux and will not try it without knowing a PC works without Windows around it.

sorceror1712290d ago

I'm in. ASAP. Hate rebooting to play games.

LAWSON722290d ago

I really hope steams library can go to Linux, so I will never have to buy windows