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Submitted by PureSophistry 1249d ago | interview

Mark of Ninja Developer Interview -"We created a game that does stealth right"

The game dubbed, “Mark of Ninja” is an incredible and visceral experience unlike really anything you’ve seen before. You can play stealthy- or murdalize the world- all the while still feeling like you’re playing as a ninja.

Pure Sophistry talks to Nels Anderson- Lead designer of the game on everything Ninja- and more about the genre in general! (Arcade, Culture, Klei Entertainment, Mark of the Ninja, Nels Anderson, PS3, Xbox 360)

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miyamoto  +   1249d ago
why is this on a PS3 column? how can the mods allow this one to slip?

Tenchu & Metal Gear Solid on the original PlayStation will always be the best.

Splinter Cell & this one does not even come close.
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JellyJelly  +   1249d ago
Try Thief or Hitman.

The mods probably want people to believe that it's out for the PS3 also, which it isn't.
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sonicsidewinder  +   1249d ago
Looks fun to me.
MysticStrummer  +   1249d ago
It may be very fun, but claiming a new 2D side scroller is the greatest stealth game of all time, well that's just comical to me. Maybe the person making the claim hasn't played many stealth games...? Hell I haven't played it and never will unless it gets great reviews and comes to PSN later, so I can't prove them wrong, but I can't see a 2D stealth side scroller topping any of the great 3D stealth games I've played. It just seems like a really bizarre claim.
PureSophistry  +   1249d ago
If you listen to the interview- he pays homage to the amazingly fun Stealth games of the past- but because he isn't burdened with 3D imagery- he can convey things like Sounds and darkness in new and innovate ways that create stealth in a brand new way.

I'm a graphic snob who fell in love with this little gem!
Blankman85  +   1249d ago
Since you haven't played the game and likely won't, your opinion of it is very irrelevant and I wish you'd kept it to yourself as I find it very irksome.
PureSophistry  +   1249d ago
In the interview Nels talks about the PS3 and PC versions of the game- and the industry in general. I swear it was planned!
Getowned  +   1249d ago
"We created a game that does stealth right" Maybe but its still a inaccurate portrayal of ninjas, I want to see a game based on REAL ninjas(shinobi)someday not the hollywood black pajama ninjas with the stright bladed katana swords. I mean how obviouse would that be ? a guy walking around town trying to blend into a crowd who would be easily Identified by anyone as a ninja, obvious ninja is obvious XD.. thats like in assasins creed I always wonderd why no one figured out that I was the assasin it was way to obvious LOL. Real ninjas would dress like civilians, entertainers, monks, guards or who ever they needed to, to achieve their goals. Not wearing black PJ's. I mean also a stight Katana sword, you would be the only guy in town with none curved katana. Hollywood you done goofed, I think I remember reading about why hollywood and other gave the ninjas the black PJs and from what I remember it was only so that they could be easily identified in film and cartoons. I mean its cool to run around and Batman it, but I think it would be a true art to go around and look like you should be there when you shouldn't, and only hide when absolutly need to. All aside the game looks really fun.
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Baka-akaB  +   1249d ago
Thing is most (crazy) people already find stuff like Thief and tenchu boring and tedious ... let alone a realistic take on Ninjas
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   1249d ago
Agreed. People complain about these things when patience is one of the most basic fundamentals of stealth. It's like me walking into a walking into a romance movie and complaining about the kissing or the lack of action.

It's asinine but some developers surrender to the demands and change the MO of the game, which usually causes little change or even a decline in sales.
Parappa  +   1249d ago
delosisland  +   1249d ago
Wow dude, do you really just talk sh#$ on anything xbox whenever possible...
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DestinyHeroDoomlord  +   1249d ago
@ getowned, i'm pretty sure the concept of a ninja is not being seen. Becoming a shadow and all that. I'm calling it stealth goty.
Getowned  +   1249d ago
You are right, but actually we both are. I'm pointing out some flaws and misconceptions that most people believe about ninjas from hollywood movies, games, cartoon, even anime is guilty of this to an extent. To become a shadow is to also blend into ordinary surroundings and seem as some thing else entirely like an innocent civilian for example (as real ninjas would have done) this is a shadow as well not just hiding in the dark. Asassionations in most cases took weeks or months of both careful planning and infuriation. Another misconception of a ninja is that not all were combat gods, and actually samuri in most cases were far more skilled and trained for combat. There are some vary famous clans that would be close to these highly skilled ninjas we see in hollywood and some still exist today and carry on the traditions, I think some of them also started some famous and vary prestigious martial arts organizations in Japan. Ninja that actually existed were not stealth and combat gods like in movies and games but they will surprise you with actually events in history and the skill and trickery they actually used, it's vary interesting really.

I agree steath goty!!, steath games are my favorite and I own at them! lol I want this game.
wastedcells  +   1249d ago
I had to dust off my Xbox and find a Ethernet cable to get this game. Why not go multi platform? Because this game is over rated. Just like shank. Nothing special. Just another well done 2D platformer. My girlfriend came in the room and was asking what was happening because the Xbox sounds like a microwave lol.

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