Is Wikipad Just Another Gaming Gimmick Device?

Many of you that have been venturing from traditional console gaming and went mobile may have the same complaint. It just isn’t the same. Though touch technology is indeed fun for awhile, many still have an itch to have their hands on a real controller.

Wikipad mixes that mobile gaming with the controller, giving gamers of all types the opportunity to have the best of both worlds.

But is this just going to be another gaming gimmick?

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zeal0us1867d ago

This device seem like it would work great with emulators and high-end android games like dead trigger, shadowngun, N.O.V.A3 and etc.

I would just go buy an Asus Transformer Prime or Pad and buy an PS3 controller.

ABizzel11866d ago

The price is going to bring it down. Had it been $250 like originally planned it could have done something great, but $500 (2x the price) when you can get practically the same performance out of the Google Nexus for $199 can't be justified.