Ghost Squad: DarkZero Review - 'bikini clad models'

DarkZero writes: "However, in the end – regardless of its quality - it is hard to recommend Ghost Squad due to the fact you can finish the main campaign in about 30 minutes. However, SEGA have thrown everything but the kitchen sink at the game to increase the lifespan.

So, if you are the perfectionist type then you will be playing Ghost Squad for weeks, unlocking all the weapons, items and weird bikini clad models the game offers. Even so, it would still be very hard to throw down the £30 asking price for the game without feeling some kind of buyer's remorse."

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kn3847d ago

There is no "campaign". It is a mindless arcade shooter that multiple people can play along side each other. This isn't a FPS/TPS with a back-story. It is an arcade shooter and a fun one at that.