Happy Wars Hands-on Preview -- Free-To-Play Fun On The Xbox 360 | G4

G4: "Happy Wars is the first free-to-play coming to the Xbox 360 and we got to check out its multiplayer mode as well as its massive item store. We took the opportunity to buy our character a hot dog sword."

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Shadonic2080d ago

The games very addictive just dont judge it by its looks or else youll miss out on a great game. I love how teamwork can determine a win or a loss even if your loseing badly.

Dms20122080d ago

Off topic, but thank you for using "addictive" instead of "addicting". Drives me bonkers.

XB1_PS42080d ago

This game looks FUN. It's really not the first free game on xbox though. There were a bunch before this. 1v100, Aegis Wing, Yaris, Hexic HD, and a few other I can't remember the names to.

3-4-52079d ago

I like the looks of the game. I don't go crazy for Great graphics...I still love the N64 graphics if that tells you anything.