Plan Your Borderlands 2 Character Skill Trees Now

With Borderlands 2′s release date less than two weeks ago, the wait is almost finally over. Though it may seem like these last two weeks or so will take the longest, its not all bad! If you would like to prepare and strategize early on, before you get the game, this may interest you. Gearbox has in anticipation of Borderlands 2′s release release a Skill Tree customizer available to all users.

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Relientk771843d ago

Sweet, I'm looking at the skill trees now

Megaton1843d ago

Think I got my Axton build ready. Could really use some more skill points, though. Too many skills, not enough points.

konnerbllb1843d ago

I'm having the same problem with my siren build. But hey, that means more boxes to unlock during dlc.

DryPancake1842d ago

Why do we only get 46 points to spend? I thought the level cap was 50?

X1842d ago

If it's like borderlands 1, you get your first skill point at lvl 5.

Dewfall1843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

I know what you mean. My Axton build with Gemini and Scorched Earth is doable. Just have to see how it goes in game.

And a Siper Zero is looking sweet. Crit Crit Crit Crit.

Megaton1843d ago

That's the first build I'm going with, Gemini and Scorched Earth.

konnerbllb1843d ago

So stoked for this game.

vickers5001843d ago

Tempting, but I'm trying to stay relatively spoiler free on this game, only watching the trailers.

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