The Best Games of 2012: September Releases I

Richard Bailey Jr. of writes:

With kids everywhere headed back to school, the gaming season moves full speed ahead with an enticing September lineup. From Borderlands 2 to FIFA 13, this month serves as the perfect appetizer to a fall full of blockbuster titles. Feel free to check out the detailed lineup below and the accompanying videos and links for more info on each game.

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Relientk772289d ago

Borderlands 2, cant wait

rbailey2289d ago

Borderlands 2 definitely the top game this month.

egidem2288d ago

JUST 9 more days of waiting!

Venomousfatman2288d ago

Borderlands 2 is going to be a good game. I wonder if more which platform most people will get it on.

Bladesfist2288d ago

I know what platform I am getting it on :)

I love you too claptrap

rbailey2287d ago

Definitely will be alot of PC copies sold which is cool but if you don't own a PC you'll be left to choose from either 360 or PS3. Alot of my friends are picking it up on PC so I'll pretty much be playing with alot of random people on Xbox lol

CrimsonessCross2288d ago

I almost wonder about the play-through numbers too if 25 will be play 1 and 50 will be play 2 or something along those lines (could be 30->50 or something...).

I'm getting it for PC though :D

Bladesfist2288d ago

I avoided buying Diablo 3 because Torchlight 2 has mod support. It has been a long wait, I hope its worth it.

rbailey2287d ago

Definitely should be worth it.