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Nicholas Puleo: "We then got a brief demo from Ruth Tomandl, Senior Producer and Bob Roberts, Producer. The biggest thing that was shown off was a new “belt and gem” system. Basically think of this as the item shop from other MOBA games, but instead of choosing from a list of items mid game, you’ll set up your belt before a match. A belt has 7 slots on it and powers can use 1, 2 or 3 of them. Powers activate once all gems have enough experience - so basically every 2 levels during a match. It’s a unique system that looks to provide quite a bit of depth."

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Edward752260d ago

Looking forward to this one.

3-4-52260d ago

MOBA on xbox live...yes please...

Awesomenauts was cool for a while.

This looks good, and isn't it Free- to play as well or am I mistaken ?

5 va AI is what I wanted to hear....That means I can play whenever and not reliant on other players online. That is also good for players new to MOBA's...

release date ?