GamesBeat: Call of Duty crush almost unites puppy lovers

A 13-year-old girl steals her mom's ATM card and her brother's car in pursuit of a 12-year-old boy she met playing Black Ops.

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Tolkoto2116d ago

I take it that isn't the 13 year old.

killerhog2116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

It is. Why do you wonder?

Snookies122116d ago

Lol, maybe because she looks 26 or older? I thought the same thing clicking on this article, "No way that can be the 13 year old...".

RmanX10002116d ago

What?! 12 year olds playing Call of Duty?! Never...

Carl_Shocker2116d ago

Holy Crap....I don't believe this....I honestly don't believe this....only 13 years old AND SHE CAN DRIVE.

Mind Blown

jeeves862116d ago

To the point where she didn't alert authorities until her card was declined as she was filling up on gas!

SybaRat2116d ago

They never found the boyfriend's home? Getting a creepy feeling from that end of the story....

killerhog2116d ago

Yup, but it was the patents who tried to find it at least and not their daughter. Though it could be a real boy who just didn't wanna give his real address not knowing if she's a real '13-year-old girl'.

Freakazoid20122116d ago

The place has a population of 2800 people and in KY. I live in TN. I can tell you places like that in some cases do not even have road signs up. It's not like the city where most things are clearly marked.
Hell I once worked for Airborne Express as a driver and one area I went to the people made up their road names and addresses. I had to go to the local drug store and ask the pharmacist where they lived until I got them all down. Only a handful ever got stuff delivered so it wasnt like I was memorizing 500 addresses.

Knight_Crawler2116d ago

So tell me more about these patents...what were they trying to find?

deantak2116d ago

And she can shoot! with a controller,that is.

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