Super Smash Bros. Brawl Import - GameSpot Hands-On

It's finally on the streets in Japan, and GameSpot got their hands on an import copy of this hotly anticipated fighter.

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zeromyst3818d ago

Man, SSBB is gonna be sweetness.

wiizy3818d ago

besides the normal sony and microsoft fanboy and haters that work at sites and magazines.. i cant see this game not getting perfect score all over.. base on contents alone... the actual game is just simply amazing.

desolationstorm3818d ago

Stupid delay, I should have you in a few days. Oh well must wait for good things and this is just drivin me crazy

PeterGriffinSays3817d ago trash now. Was the HOTTEST game site back in the day, but now its at the bottom of the pile.

mintaro3817d ago

but you cant argue that SSBB is gonna be awesome!