Lights, Camera, Party! Review | PS3 Attitude

PS3 Attitude writes:
"Move enabled games never really grew to the heights many anticipated. When people aren’t thinking about Move that much, its hard to take notice of the games amongst all the Madden, God of War, and Call of Duty releases. Though Frima Studio never forgot.

Lights, Camera, Party brings the Move enabled party game genre back to PSN and allows up to eight people to compete in 50 crazy minigames, four modes of play, and some pretty outrageous moments. The Funzini family asks us if we’re ready to waggle, spin, and Move."

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ThatOneGuyThere2078d ago

So, probably hold off on this one then. Haha

KosmoCrisis2071d ago

Uh, yeah. Especially if you have kids. Thanks for reading!!!