Game Scoop!: How Do Free PS Plus Games Benefit?

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eferreira2206d ago

ps plus member since day 1 and its been nothing but a great service with all the games to play, discounts on games I want and beta access.

DivineAssault 2206d ago

it benifits ppl who dont want to buy or rent certain games they missed out on.. Also gives them discounts on content throughout the subscription.. Theres a few other things im not getting into as well.. Very much worth $50/yr

wastedcells2206d ago

PS+ is greatness. well worth it.

ceballos77mx2206d ago (Edited 2206d ago )

Auto update, no more waiting for patches and updates. Demos download while I sleep.
Missed lbp2 and warhammer on release, and I was tempted to buy just cause, glad I didn't.