Can We Save Judging Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Until We Actually See It?

Pixels or Death's Mike Barrett reasons that we should swallow our nostalgia and let Square Enix make the kind of games they want with Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

"Square Enix is not content with stagnation. They want to be the trendsetters they’ve always been. These new ideas might suck, but that’s okay. There’s value in the attempt."

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Haha1232087d ago

Because your precious 6 years developed game hasnt been shown?

Carl_Shocker2087d ago (Edited 2087d ago )

FF13 was crap

FF13-2 was just as crap despite seeming as an improvment but then again FF13 was so crap as a FF game that anything after it is going to seem like an improvment

FF13-3 "Lightning Returns" will be exactly the same...come on man this is Square. Why do people keep falling for this

Snookies122087d ago

Slight correction, "This is (Enix)". Square was amazing before they added Enix lol.

LiViNgLeGaCY2087d ago

Funny thing is, Enix was also amazing before the merge with Square. I don't get it.

Kyosuke_Sanada2087d ago

True, Living Legacy. They made R.A.D (Robot Alchemic Drive), a mecha that controlled like the Big O! Enough said!

Snookies122087d ago

I never said Enix was bad before the merge. o_o I loved RAD as well, just saying THAT'S when stuff started going downhill.

wishingW3L2087d ago (Edited 2087d ago )

if it weren't a direct sequel I would agree but....

Godmars2902087d ago (Edited 2087d ago )

Given its connection to a story I lost interest in, can I simply not care?

For all my "complaining" All I've been asking is that they move on. That they acknowledge mistakes made and move on.

Sadly they haven't done either to any degree, except with FF14 and there the mistakes were damned obvious.

helghast1022087d ago

You can not care, and that's fine, but there is zero point in shitposting about the game everywhere.

If you don't do that, then fine, but it's a general statement, I'm really sick of people who allegedly "don't care" yet make an effort to shit all over the game.

Lucretia2087d ago

exactly, People hate the game/ series so much yet they are always the first to post their hate about it.

i dont get it. isn't there "Better" games they should be playing instead of hating and judging a game that isn't out, or bashing a game that was good but not perfect.

seriously, i feel like a child around most of the idiots on this site. Bickering and whining

N4GDgAPc2087d ago

Exactly. I'm getting tired of people posting like its fact no one wants this game. There blinded by there hate that they don't realize there is ALOT of people that want this game and loved final fantasy 13. If you don't want it then don't buy it. I'll enjoy Lightning Returns and also enjoy VS13 when it comes out. More games to play better for me.

Capt-FuzzyPants2087d ago

You're right. They all say they don't care, but they obviously care enough to bitch about these games on these articles.

They're all so selfish too. There were people who liked the first two games and we weren't given an ending. If they didn't make this third game then they would piss off everyone that liked the first two games. I click on the articles to learn about the games and get hyped. They click on the articles to bitch about how linear FF13 was and then they want to move all of the FF13 team over to Versus to make it go quicker. Even though that many people on one team would probably do more harm then good.

If I went to every The Last of Us article and complained about how they're making that instead of UC4 I would essentially be doing the same thing Godmars and Ranma do.

Carl_Shocker2087d ago


So were only supposed to write possitive comments...why is it so hard for FF13 fans to accept that it's not a well liked game by the majority of people.

If you can write possitive comments then whats wrong with the ones full of criticism

Oh and calling people idiots...come on man, thats low.

Godmars2902087d ago

Thing is if the game doesn't do well, in comparison to prior entries in the series or not, in relation to honest numbers or not, there will be twice as many articles like this blaming the complainers - when I for one have already given my reason for not wanting to buy it.

It will be Square's fault for not listening but pretending like they did, and it will be the defenders for refusing to recognize the issues with the direction the series took with the entry.

Toriyama had this whole "trilogy" planned out from the beginning but was too pig headed to see the train wreck its become. The loss of respect its costs Sqaure, and the division its created among the fandom.

If they pull something like this again, become inflexible while being overly focused on graphics and marketing over story and gameplay then stretching it into a watery trilogy, you wont have to worry about "complainers" showing up in pro-FF articles - because Square will likely stop the series or close its doors.

N4GDgAPc2087d ago


Your right to have your opinion why you hate it, but all the others that complain why they are making another and scrap it are Ignorant. This game wasn't made for them. It was made for others that enjoyed it and want to continue FF13 story line. Whats difference about Final Fantaasy franchise compared to anyother game is that FF fans are more out spoken. They got this idea on what a ff game should be which is funny because thats what square-enix decides on what is final fantasy for there next game.

N4GDgAPc2087d ago

"and it will be the defenders for refusing to recognize the issues with the direction the series took with the entry."
That’s the exact comment I'm talking about. That’s not an opinion. That’s you trying to tell others what is fact. I’ll tell you something that will surprise you “I like the direction they took.”
I’ll tell you why I think a lot of people hate FF13 so much. This game is not as bad as ff fans think this game is. It’s called hype. They got so much expectations for this game when it’s not met the game becomes a major let down which could cause the game to suck. Now that may not be the case for everyone but I bet majority of them.
There has been times were I watched a movie I was so over hyped for. The first time I watched it I hated it. Second time I watched it I can’t understand why I hate the movie so much.
If this game was called something else it I bet it wouldn’t have been hated on as much. So yes a lot of fans are going to hate something when they put something high on a pedestal.

Godmars2902087d ago

Where you willfully blind of the "ifs" I used, or just don't comprehend their meaning?

Nevermind that defenders will sometimes throw up the "fact" that sequels often don't sell as well as the 1st title to justify 13-2 sales. So that's people who like the game pretty much saying they expect this next title not to sell all that well.

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LiViNgLeGaCY2087d ago

If the first two horrible entries are anything to go by, then no.

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