IGN Preview : Baroque First Look

Jeff Haynes : In most videogames, the largest objective is to stay alive through waves of enemies, boss battles and other hazards of play.

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Wardy3818d ago

It looks pretty dark which i'm liking...but the fighting animation comes across as a tad slow, and maybe even a bit repetative. Hopefully i'm wrong because i was looking forward to this.

jedistev3818d ago

Seems good... need more RPG and Action same time...that what Wii need !!

wiizy3818d ago

this game doesnt look great....but has a great storyline and seem very involving....rpg fighting hordes of enemies at once..

ChickeyCantor3818d ago

how do you know it has a great storyline?

PS360WII3818d ago

Looks pretty cool. Mix of 3rd person and 1st person action and odd character enemies. The magic looks good and powerful enough ;)

Coming out soon right?!

thisguywithhair3818d ago

As long as they keep their promise about the different level layouts throughout the game. I can't count how many times that promise has been made and then broken.