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My XBL: "The Expendables 2 plays alot like a top down shooter, if you have played ‘Zombies must Die’ or the hidden game in ‘Black Ops 2’ called ‘Dead Ops Arcade’, then you may know what I mean, the only difference with these games is that they are actually fun to play. As I’ve mentioned in the ‘Graphics’ section, things get very difficult to see when it gets all hectic and this frustration is enhanced further more by a tricky aiming system. There are some good points however to The Expendables 2, such is the weapon and skill upgrades that are upgraded via in game XP and each character has their own ‘Signature Move’ which is activated by building up your ‘Combat Charge’ and by holding in ‘X’ when standing next to an enemy. There are also ‘On Rails’ style shooting stages that have you gunning down enemies in relentless and mindless shooting, which is a good thing. But after 30mins or so of my playing The Expendables, I found myself switching off with boredom."

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To tell the truth that's a lot better score than I thought it would get.