Is This The Rambo Game We Deserve?

With a Rambo game being developed, OWNT takes a look at the possibility of the Teyon production being an accurate reflection of the first in the tetralogy of Rambo films, First Blood.

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FCOLitsjustagame2085d ago

If you backed a bad concept for a game and thus end up with a bad game then yes you deserved that bad game.

If they can take this concept and make a non-bad game out if it, it will be a miracle.

HarryMasonHerpderp2085d ago

I think its asking is this the game the fans deserve after waiting all this time for a Rambo game.?

MattyG2085d ago

It's not the Rambo game we deserve, but its the Rambo game we need right now.

O.T. I hope this is actually a decent game, seeing as how theres no movie that its releasing alongside. They can take their time with it.

vallencer2085d ago

I came here to post that same first sentence. Damn you lol.

TheBrownBandito2084d ago

First blood is without doubt the definitive film in the series and deserves a good attempt for the fans.

I was disappointed that the trailer was purely movie footage renamed Rambo the video game trailer. :(