Focusing on the Wrong Issues (Blaming Video Games for Real Violence)

Frank writes, "How many news stories do we go through per year regarding on how a violent video game lead to a person’s extreme actions? I unfortunately cannot count how many new stories there have been off the top of my head but these stories are released quite frequently throughout the year. So frequently in fact, each new story that is released seems more ridiculous than the last as to how video games are the direct cause."

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XB1_PS42260d ago

I agree almost 100% with this. There is, though, the fact that some people aren't stable to begin with. The children that have underlying mental issues that haven't been pinpointed or examined yet. No one could really predict that these type's of children would be influenced by the games they play in such an impactful manner. In these cases they still shouldn't blame gaming for this because it was a mental issue first, not a gaming induced issue!

LostDjinn2260d ago

I'll be frank...what do you mean I can't be frank, he already wrote the article? Whatever.

Let me put it this way (happy now?). It's just a classic case of trying to take the easy way out. If it's the fault of games then society as a whole is off the hook. There's no need to address the chronic shortcomings of various mental health legislation, practices, etc (it's not bound to one country).

As a result the individual's blamed for failing society. The games merely act as a scapegoating mechanism to provide a (farcical) focal point for the ignorant.

Honestly, do you really expect society (government, community groups, schools, parents, etc) to admit to failing the individual when it's so damned easy to blame them (the individual) and avoid change?

Welcome to the world we live in. A world where if you try to stop someone (or a group of someones) kicking the can down the road (so to speak) the next place they try and put their foot is in your ass. However sick it may seem to attack the person pointing out a problem, can you see it (the situation) changing anytime soon?

OooSheeet2259d ago

Before video games it was Hip Hop, before Hip Hop it was Rock music, before Rock music it was Rock 'n' Roll, if you go back far enough the Hoola-Hoop was the root of all evil!

Anything but society/parents/the individual themselves!