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Believing in the Second Screen

"Just because you don't like what they do doesn't make your consumers "wrong"

One of the best things about writing about the games business is the opportunities it affords to meet, converse with and on occasion argue heatedly with a wide range of clever, creative and often insightful people - not only from this industry but from the other creative and technical industries which orbit it. Plenty of disagreements emerge along the lines - but it's thankfully rare to walk away from a discussion thinking, "wow, that guy is delusional". That being the introductory paragraph to this article, I suppose it's obvious that I'm now going to relate one such occasion.", writes GamesIndustry. (3DS, iPhone, PS Vita, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360)

MultiConsoleGamer  +   932d ago
Put down your controller, pick up a tablet or smart phone. Ugh...

I haven't seen anything that proves Microsoft's second screen concept is a good idea. And aside from browsing a media catalog, I cannot see it having and practical applications that will improve the gaming experience. (except for maybe using it to read small text in an rpg.)

Once again the industry follows Nintendo.
chanmasta  +   932d ago

In my opinion, it feels like Microsoft is going more casual while Nintendo are innovating and going toward a more core base lately.
Shok  +   932d ago
The problem with Smart-Glass is of course - tablets have no buttons.

They're following Nintendo but they're not doing it the right way. I don't think they get it. What's the point of a separate screen if I can't control my game with that 2nd screen?
jjdoyle  +   932d ago
theres not just for gamings but alsos for movies and stuffs as they showed at E3.
andibandit  +   931d ago
What the hell do you want buttons for????,
no more having a map in the upper left corner.
No more having to press guide button to see the message/achievement you just received.
No more hold down button to acces menu.
No more managing inventory in rpgs with a controller.
No more seeing your friends tactics when playing madden.

List goes on and on
hkgamer  +   931d ago
you have misunderstood microsofts intention for smart glass.

Microsoft is not imitating Nintendo or anything, they just taking the next step towards making 360 the media hub they always wanted to be.

Only people with tablets(maybe smartphones) will understand this, when watching TV/movies sometimes people just end up going on IMDB to check out the actor/actress. They may google something for no apparent reason. Basically second screen concept is already in place.
Now with more actual interaction between your TV(360) and the tablet(or smartphone) you can do more things, like pick out a movie. probably comment on a specific part. probably watch the same movie as your friends and chat to them at the same time.
These things can be done already, but with actual connection it can improve on that.
Another thing I want to point out is that they called this thing smart glass, to try and tell people that there is no reason to go for smart TV's. You probably have a tablet or smartphone at home, just buy a 360 and it turns your tv into a smart tv(well not really).

WiiU is more for games, even though they have shown some features that seem pretty cool.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   931d ago
"And aside from browsing a media catalog..."

I guess you and some of the the other people reposing to my post missed that part. Using this app, or the Wii U controller, or even the Vita, will be very handy when browsing netflix, etc.

But I don't care about playing movies on my console. Sony also pushed the "media hub" angle and look where it got them. Billions in debt.

Keep your eye on the ball MS.
Dlacy13g  +   932d ago
Maybe we should hold judgement until smart glass comes out.
FragMnTagM  +   931d ago
Can't do that here, that would be logical.
jujubee88  +   932d ago
I will just..
Leave these (examples of technology and customers happily co-existing) here:






Okay, no I will not just leave them there. I will share a story (like the author did) too. xD

I did this second screen stuff a while back on the PC and PSP (back in the homebrew days) and I was blown away. (Just looking at that guy playing MH on the PC w/ his gamepad still WOW's me!). When VITA's remote app (on the Playstation Mobile) came out, that was my main app on my VITA for a while before I went back to playing PSP and new VITa games.

As of today, I can not wait for LBP2 to get a patch, so I can play around with creating my own full games using the PS VITA as a second perspective and a second controller.

The pieces in the "second screen revolution" have completed themselves, from my perspective, and I do NOT need any extra hardware out side of what I am already using (VITA, PC,)...

Well, something tells me I might buy the Orbis (Ps4) and a Sony TV with Simulview (or the equivalent of stereoscopic split-screen) to really kick up what can be done with Television technology. And, no, I do not think it is (as the article said) "geeky". It is just curiosity and exploration.

Not all companies can do it, I suppose.
Qrphe  +   931d ago

Oh man, I had never heard of RemoteJoy much less of that WoW app. It all makes sense too since the Vita is its own machine too. Thank you for opening up my horizons and have a bubble!
Shok  +   931d ago
RemoteJoyLite. Good times, good times. Me and my buddy used to always hook our PSP's up to our computers during our BCIS class and play Monster Hunter as everyone watched us.
SonyNGP  +   931d ago
>TFW the first video is an IRL friend
hkgamer  +   931d ago
Second Screen stuff is brilliant for people who are bored, or like to multi-task. I normally have my laptop plugged into my HDTV via HDMI so that I can have two screens.
The screen for my HDTV is ideally used to play video files, so whenever I play/stream a movie I use my HDTV. Then I just use my laptop screen for browsing the web, replying e-mails, play random games.

I dunno, seems like a waste of electricity, but I do like having movies/tv series running on the background. Well I might as well since I am paying for unlimited movie streams.

Second screens have been going on for ages. But now with tablets avaialble. 2nd screen has made it popular in the living room. It's just crazy how all 3 companies are taking this second screen thing in all different approaches. I wonder which one would be the most useful.
edonus  +   931d ago
The second screen stuff is to advanced for lot of people to get and understand right now especially core gamers whom have shown their abilities to adapt are no longer a skill they wish to use.
2nd screen is just another way to interact with content. Example... remember the pipe puzzles in Bioshock 1, imagine when you get to it your tablet or phone turn into that puzzle game and you just pick it up and do from there. Or all the books you own or find in skyrim you can read it from your tablet maybe even highlight passages. Or maybe in a game with a map you can see your path or tap the screen to call an air strikein that location... the possibilites are many.

Dont worry 2-4 years from now you'll be looking back and not even remeber you doubted what it was good for.
BuffMordecai  +   931d ago
More gimmicks less games, how typical.

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