Undertow - 411 Review

By Ty Huston

"The game is very linear, but has some decent graphics and isn't a horrible gameplay experience by any means. It's a decent game, but overall I feel I got a bit cheated with my 'gift' for Microsoft's boo boo."

• Graphics: 8.0 - Pretty decent stuff for an XBLA release.

• Gameplay: 7.0 - Repetitive and boring, but not difficult to pick up and run with. I've seen worse.

• Sound: 7.0 - Not too bad, not too great. The voice acting choices were kind of wierd.

• Lasting Appeal: 5.0 - You beat it once, you delete it. It's just not a keeper.

• Fun Factor: 5.0 - Fun for a few hours, then it seems to drag.

• Overall: 6.4 - Average

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heavyarms3847d ago

This game got a 1/10 for me. I played it 15 minutes max and deleted the crappy game. And some of my friends did the same thing. The game is one of the worse games ever.