Saints Row 2 Update

Gameplayer has gone live with a short and sharp update on a few Saints Row 2 bits and pieces to go alongside a preview they did earlier in the year.

"Fifteen years have passed and the city has seen some changes. The level of detail has been significantly improved and pop-up also consigned to Stilwater's distant past."

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INehalemEXI3818d ago

I liked the turf wars in Saints Row and the way you gathered territory and had to maintain it.

joemomma3818d ago

Sort of like san andreas?

Maybe this game will be 1/4th as good as gta 4 but that may even be stretching it....

xboxlj3818d ago

I think Saints Row 2 has a good chance of being better than GTAIV. Saints row was a very fun game, can't wait for the sequal.

Tru Enuff3818d ago

i can tell u what i read this game is going to be as good as gta4 saints row is good for people who love customization

zonetrooper53818d ago

I loved the first Saints Row game and I'll be picking this game up later on in the year for my 360.

imageicb3818d ago

need me and ima be there for it.

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