Media vs. Games- Teenager's Suicide Blamed On Call of Duty

Joe of WTG:

On Wednesday, the 5th of September, the Daily Mail and The Telegraph published articles covering the suicide of 14 year old Callum Green. Callum wanted to run away with his 13 year old girlfriend to have a baby, he had been recently grounded by his parents for staying out late, he had argued with his younger sister hours before his suicide, and his favourite game was Call of Duty, like millions of other people around the world. Looking at the facts presented, you would believe that Call of Duty had no relation to his suicide – but the two publications thought differently.

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cpayne932262d ago

That's like blaming someone's suicide on the fact that they play golf in their spare time. Insane.

KidBroSweets22262d ago

Not to mention that the legal gaurdian had to consent to him buying the game, seeing as how he was 14. So even if his suicide magically correlates to CoD then his parents should take fault. But magic isn't real so the game didn't cause his suicide

LastDance2262d ago

it's not LIKE that....

it's exactly the same.

jghvhv2262d ago

What a load of bullshit!
Oh,here's a picture I made.It's kinda small.

Fatty2262d ago

I foresee many "CoD makes me want to kill myself" jokes and variants.

RickHiggity2262d ago

I don't know. It seems like gamers are good at putting differences aside when it comes to idiot parents blaming games on everything.

WeskerChildReborned2262d ago

Are you serious? Stop blaming the games!

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The story is too old to be commented.