Why Video Game Piracy isn’t good business for the PC Gaming Industry

Teddyman states, "Let’s premise here, I’ve been a pirate – you could argue I still am. I am not taking this stance from a moral “high horse” – but neither do I take this stance with real smoke and mirrors covering my eyes. I am aware of my actions and consequences, and am fully prepared to acknowledge them. I’m a beardier, wooden leggier, cutlass weildier, gun toting, ship boarding, pillaging pirate then anyone ever will be! However, I don’t feel just exploring action/reaction to be a good sport. I’m going to take this a step further, and counter argue. Let’s tango, I’ll be the captain of the high seas before this is over."

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Freakazoid20122265d ago

Got some articles you guys can do that go along the same lines as this one.

"How dropping your radio in the shower can be hazrdous."
" Why pointing a gun at your head and pulling the trigger can be bad for you."

I don't recall anyone ever saying piracy was good, so I am not sure why you feel the need to explain to us why its bad.If you really need something to talk about, I am sure more relevant topics exist for you to give your opinion on.

Ducky2265d ago

The article contains the link to the other article which tried to argue that piracy was good.
Both articles are on the same site, but different authors.

Tetsujin2265d ago

The question is "why pirate" more than just saying "stop it."

Most of the people I know who bootleg games is there's no demo's for what they play; yes some games do have a demo but not all games. There's sometimes you can't even borrow certain games due to DRM and/or other reasons; and "playing on someones acct" doesn't always work either. Also some games print minimum/recommended specs however without actually testing the software it's hard to say if your system can handle it. Yes, some can argue "websites have a test, no excuse" however the test can say one thing, but loading the game can say another.

pr0digyZA2264d ago

Its true what you say, but I also know a lot of people who will then say "well I have the game now I can use that money for another game I want". Also there will be a much higher ratio of people who actually download because well they frankly don't care what anyone says. Sucks but true.

Tetsujin2264d ago

Oh I know some people like that as well, they "think" they're saving money but end up spending more because they have that false security of having more $ for other things.

Normally the ones who bootleg just to save $ end up not even knowing what they like themselves; they bootleg just to say "I have a collection" but don't even know half of what they have.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2265d ago

fun fact: Video Game Piracy isn’t good business for the Console Gaming Industry either!

d3nworth12264d ago

True but piracy in console are no way near as bad as on PC. The most pirated console game barely reached 1 million downloads while PC games will hit 3 million. Plus it's easier to get a pirated game to run on PC than a console. Consoles you have to modify the hardware or use custom firmware which can potentially damage it and lead to you getting banned from the online network. PC don't have to deal with any of that. Crack file or keygen is all you need and people set up their own servers so no worries about being banned.