Easy way to earn GameStop PowerUp Reward points

In between my Guild Wars 2 marathons, I am playing games on Kongregate. I’ve been trying to complete a few games and check out some new ones. The other day I played the new Bloons game, Bloons TD 5. When I got to the landing page, I noticed that not only did it have the regular achievements, which Kongregate offers, but a special challenge of the day where I could earn six PowerUp reward points for completing said challenge.

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demetreHG2262d ago

Meh biggest scam artist !!!

TheSlasher2262d ago

They're no different than some game devs then.

Xof2262d ago

I honestly can't believe -anyone- fell for the PowerUp Rewards scam.

But I guess that the 'greater fools' exist for a reason.