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Actually, EA’s Multiplayer-only Policy Could Be a Good Thing

Okay, bear with me here. I know you just read that headline and you’ve probably already commented that I’m on the Electronic Arts payroll. But let me explain — EA’s policy of greenlighting only games with multiplayer is a good thing, because it will hopefully encourage developers to go elsewhere. (EA, Industry, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

blue_flowers  +   773d ago
interesting way of looking at it, good article.
konnerbllb  +   773d ago
zeal0us  +   773d ago
Guess I can expect to see some crappy multiplayer games for future(excluding future battlefield games).
Lord_Sloth  +   773d ago
Just remember that the online wasn't the issue with ME3.
strauser360  +   773d ago
I think its more about replay value than multiplayer. If a game has little replay value than the owner will most likely sell it back to the retailer, which causes companies to lose money. They just need to make games from the ground up to be played multiple times at least. Just my opinion.
TotalSynthesisX  +   773d ago
If they make a Mass Effect 4, they could make it more open-ended than the other games. "Choose your own adventure", pardon the cliché. No need for multiplayer, yet has plenty of replay value (the development time/lines of dialogue would be enormous, though).

Am I hitting the mark here?
strauser360  +   773d ago
I think that was initially the goal for the series but they decided to go for a more structured story and narrative. I'm still waiting for a true "choose your adventure" game, where each playthrough is entirely different. The only game I see (imo) coming close to that would be Minecraft, and that's being real generous.
DeadlyFire  +   772d ago
Definitely see Multiplayer future for most EA game titles, but that doesn't mean they will all be FPS killfest.

Mass Effect 3 for instance takes nothing away from the Single-player mode while adding a great Multiplayer element that has been far better than I expected originally.

Army of Two is another title. Its multiplayer element is Co-Op team work with 2-4 players more than likely.

Just because the MP element is there doesn't mean they ignore the SP portion of the game at all. EA knows they need both sides of the coin to be good if they want consumers to keep playing their games.

Their key goal is to sell DLC to consumers. No doubt, but they are a game business so I see nothing wrong with them trying to appeal to me. I am a big no DLC buying fan.
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smashcrashbash  +   773d ago
No.If their plan is to wedge MP into everything whether it needs it or not I am completely against it.
That just sounds like another excuse to jip us on SP so they can work on MP more or give us single player but make some crappy MP to go with it.I could give a $hit how much these FPS sell. Don't had me a short SP and claim 'it's okay the MP is good'. If you are so obsessed with MP then do that alone and charge me half price for the game. I am a little tired of the trend of shoehorning MP into everything or shortening the SP just so you can make the MP better.Instead of constantly creating time wasters and cheap ways to lengthen the game, how about you improve the playability of the game itself? Make a better game that people will come back too instead hooking on MP just to attempt re-playability.
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Kratoscar2008  +   773d ago
Full games are dead thanks to DLC and now single player games are dead thanks to multiplayer, thats not a good thing at all.
aiBreeze  +   773d ago
Did the EA Labels guy really say that? Wow.. if EA don't have enough of an image crisis to deal with by being voted worst company in America, they now are dumb enough to alienate so many gamers?

It's funny how EA say they've learned from their mistakes.. isn't saying that a big mistake? Only reason I can think of for saying it is pure arrogance and thinking that talking about their good mp image will be more beneficial than incurring the wrath of many single player gamers. Funny really because that exact same arrogance cost them with SWTOR and probably done so on many other occasions this gen.

Also, what happened to E3 a couple of years ago when EA were boasting about how they want to help the gaming industry and happy to publish all these great indie games? They sure done a 180 on that pretty fast.

I really do hope the same website who hosted the vote for worst company in America do it again next year.. I'll happily go over and vote for EA myself this time.
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Huarle  +   773d ago
It doesn't mean "only games with multiplayer" but only games with some sort of online connectivity or social integration.
aiBreeze  +   773d ago
Doesn't change the fact it's narrow minded arrogance to think games need some form of online connectivity or social integration. I don't even know a single person who even cares for the social features EA adds to their games.
hazelamy  +   772d ago
it's not arrogance, it's greed, they're doing this so every game will have an online pass.
AusRogo  +   773d ago
Battlefield I won't care being multiplayer only, but other then that, I don't think we would like a bunch of shitty multiplayer only games.
PooEgg  +   772d ago
Don't even get me started on EA. I simply don't like them much these days, and every time I come across more EA news it just makes me like them less.
hazelamy  +   772d ago
well, it'll save me money, as i don't buy games with online passes.
not new anyway.

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