Battlefield Heroes Details Emerge

New details have emerged about Electronic Arts' upcoming PC title Battlefield Heroes, which is being developed by DICE.

Some of the details are:
* Battlefield Heroes is based on BF2142 Engine
* Low system requirements
* Will have more RPG elements (compared to Battlefield 2142)
* Crazy unrealistic feel similar to BF1942
* Quicker learning curve
* Remain true to core BF elements

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fermcr3847d ago

"Battlefield Heroes is based on BF2142 Engine"

Where the hell is there new engine for PC... did they just forget the PC and moved to the consoles, after the PC market made them what they are today... thanks a lot DICE and a f*ck you very much

TheIneffableBob3847d ago

The reason they're using the 2142 engine is because Battlefield Heroes is going to be able to be played on slow machines. It'd make more sense to use an engine that they have experience with than a new engine that is new to them. Plus, they wouldn't even take advantage of all the fancy technology the new engine is capable of since Battlefield Heroes is going to be built to a low minimum spec.