It’s Time For JRPGs To Get Rid Of Voice Acting

Kotaku: "You ever get to that point in a Japanese role-playing game? You know. The point where you want to turn it off.

There you are, killing monsters and leveling up and minding your own business, when in comes a pair of tiny twins or a cackling rogue to ruin your day with voice acting that even Kristen Stewart would call hammy.

Voice acting is the worst."

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Snookies121957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

I think there should be an option to turn off voices altogether for those types of games. If you want that classic RPG feel from back in the day, just hit an option and it's all readable text.

That would be nice... For instance, I REALLY want to play Arc Rise Fantasia as I've heard it's so good, but after seeing a couple videos with the English voice actors I wanted to rip my ears off it was so bad. :\

Lucretia1956d ago

if you want classic jrpg gamess from back in the day then take a time machine or keep playing your retro games :D

but seriously. i dont mind voice acting unless its super trash, which that isnt the case most of the time

Yi-Long1956d ago

... but it should also always have the option for the original voices.

It's usually the dubbed english voices which are gratingly bad and annoying. Often, the japanese voice-acting is fitting and good.

It's ridiculous that in this day and age we still see games being released WITHOUT the original voices.

And for me that's always a reason to not buy such a release.

Snookies121956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

I agree, I'd love Japanese voice acting for most JRPG games... However it's not so simple when it comes to that. The main reason being that you have to pay the original voice actors to have them in the American release as well. It's like twice the cost. Which sucks...

blackblades1956d ago

I haven't read the article but anyways if you want to turn the voices off either mute the tv or go into the options and take it off there if want the sound effects.

SaiyanFury1956d ago

One reason I support being able to turn off voice acting, is because I can read far faster, than the voice actors orate. It's a lot faster for me to just pushing a button to advance text that I can speed read through. Far too often I get frustrated because I want things to move faster than they do. I am an impatient person, but that option would be nice.

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Xperia_ion1956d ago Persona does it right.

Reibooi1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

Yeah there are plenty that do it right. For example Persona, Disgaea 3 and 4, Tales of Vesperia FF series, Valkyria Chronicles, Cathrine and more that i'm to lazy to list.

What people fail to realize is that a good chunk of the J-RPG's with really bad voice acting have a very small budget when it comes to the English version and thus cheap out on it which leads to bad voice acting. The good actors cost more then nobodies who can't act their way out of a paper bag.

Not to mention the acting in plenty of western RPG's are terrible as well. As much as I like Skyrim for example the majority of the NPC's not only sound identical but most sound terrible as well.

TheColbertinator1956d ago

Its time to get rid of Kotaku.

RmanX10001956d ago

This person needs to leave the internet.

koehler831956d ago

I think it's probably a bit too general to say that JRPGs shouldn't be VO'd at all.

I think some upfront preparation by Japanese devs would go a long way in terms of localization. Some background tools to allow localization teams to edit lip syncing and time where necessary would help.

I think localization in general is poorly executed when it comes to VO. Resident Evil is pretty awful too. Metal Gear Solid has always given a high priority to localization and I don't see why JRPGs should be doing any less.

Unfortunately there are definitely far more bad examples of JRPG VO than good ones. FFXII has always stood out to me as a good example. FFXIII was also good, with some definite exceptions (Vanille and Serah). But of course few groups have the finances to throw at their projects that Square Enix does and its clear that a lot of games suffer for that.

Ultimately I do think that you should either do it right or not do it at all.

Blastoise1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

Final fantasy 12 pretty much nailed it, characters were believable and for the most part mature

DOMination-1956d ago

I noticed with FFX and XIII the devs couldn't be arsed to change the cutscenes where the Japanese VO is evidently longer than the English equivalent. So instead of shortening the scene they fill it with the VO making strange sex-like sounds. This is the thing that annoys me the most.

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