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Bimkoblerutso2265d ago

Definitely worth the price for people that haven't bought any of these yet. Telltale did a great job with the franchise.

Sketchy_Galore2265d ago

Nice, I can't wait to see what deals they have for the twenty fifth anniversary of the Walking dead. Hopefully they'll have released every episode by then.

ftwrthtx2265d ago

I would love to see 25 episodes of The Walking Dead once it's all said and done.

LinLeigh2265d ago

Price for Europe isn't very good. They were pretty cheap already and no pack with both games :-(

Dark_Overlord2265d ago

Pretty disappointing, the games were that price for a while in the EU PSN summer sale (only a few weeks ago), so I've already picked it up for that price.

MrDead2265d ago

Make some more!! That would be a better way to celebrate 25 years.