Skyrim DLC Hearthfire diary: how I ruined somebody's Skyrim savegame

OXM - The prospect of playing as somebody else worried me; it seemed mildly transgressive. Not full-on peeping-Tom transgression, but something a bit seedy, like wearing a pair of shoes that someone spent over 60 hours lovingly hand-crafting - something that doesn't fit properly and you're afraid you're going to ruin. In the interests of science I compiled an up-to-the-minute diary of my experience of being Edwin - or rather, Edwin's 68-hour-old High Elf mage, Sophia. It didn't go brilliantly, I'll be honest.

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Nocturne1472289d ago

Dawnguard ruined (Corrupted) my savegames twice on pc, first was (approx)~360 hours savegame, second was (approx)~75hour savegame. I'll be honest.. Skyrim is (best open-world) RPG i've ever played, but dev support su*ks.

dazzrazz2289d ago

I've put 9 hours into this game when I bought in (on 360) then my savegame decided not to load ever again, since then I didn't even touched it

ab5olut10n2289d ago

i'm unfortunate enough to be playing skyrim on ps3. i've never seen this level of disregard from a developer before.

NeoTribe2289d ago

I put over 200 hours into skyrim on ps3 with minimal problems. Couple deep freezes. Nothin gamebreaking.

Blastoise2289d ago

I'll never understand how people were able to put up with skyrim for 100+ hours...crazy.

vickers5002288d ago (Edited 2288d ago )

It seems based on the comments I've read and the people I've heard, that problems don't really arise until you get to around 80-100 hours.

I played for about 110 hours and never experienced anything gamebreaking, just a little bit of slowdown during a really action heavy sequence (when the dark brotherhood base was being destroyed), but aside from like 3 or 4 game lockups over the course of 100 hours, that was pretty much it. It ran fine for me.

I played on ps3 as well, the worst version.