Fugger does 5.5GHz on Intel Skulltrail

Since today is the Intel Skulltrail day, we can see a lot of previews/reviews of this new dual four-core beast, otherwise known as Intel's pride and honor. But only one man went as far as 5.5GHz, Fugger from XtremeSystems. With a little help from K|ngp|n's F1 cooling system, which is actually an LN2 pod, Fugger managed to push this beast's heart all the way up to 5.5GHz.

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pwnsause3730d ago

0_o WTF? you got to be kidding me!

Kakkoii3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

Yeah, That's pretty great.

I bet this setup with 2 high end NVidia or ATI cards could surely do the ever so wanted, Maxing of Crysis with high res.

jaja14343730d ago

Sadly, no it wouldn't. While Crysis is no slouch when it comes to processing power the bottle neck of the game comes from the video card. You could have a CPU with 200GHz and it wouldn't make the game run any better, well visually speaking. Currently there is nothing on the market that can run the game on full setting. Perhaps a couple of the new 9 series but definitely not the 8 series.

Still nifty they got it to run that high.

darkshiz3730d ago

Could wait for 9800 GX2 and sli that baby with it.

jaja14343730d ago

No kidding, I would love to see what those things can do.

Ohh a disagree, someone must not know their software or just offended by being wrong. *shrug*

INehalemEXI3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

I run crysis on full settings with my 8800 GTS used to have 2 in sli but put 1 in my gf's PC since 1 was doing fine for Crysis, and VSoH.

You can even play crysis on a lap top full settings with the 8800M GTX.

darkshiz3730d ago

*imagines 2 9800 GX2 or 3 overclocked with liquid cooling in sli/tri sli with this Overclocked processor with DDR3 Duel channel Ram that is also overclocked*

I wish I was that rich.

jaja14343730d ago

That not book was not running it on very high. And I don't quite believe that the 88 your using will run it on very high high, with full AA. Very high alone, sure hell my put together 900$ computer runs it with 3 very high setting and the rest high around 35-40FPS. So I have no doubt a even higher end could run it on full very high. But I'm taking about full AA, and to date nothing can do that.

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scoobs3730d ago

holy mother of god...

meepmoopmeep3730d ago

it would be cool to have it run efficiently and in the price range an average consumer can afford...

Graphics by ATi3730d ago

We all have the right to dream....

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The story is too old to be commented.