10 Best Pokemon You’ve Probably Never Bothered Catching

WC - “Gotta catch ‘em all”; even in Generation Five, and with over 600 of the little buggers in existence, those words will forever serve as the ultimate goal for players of the Pokemon games. In reality, though, most players of the popular series of handheld games will never even consider this a viable target and will settle instead for simply building up a team of six that they believe are capable of conquering any region in the Pokemon world.

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Relientk771926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

I dont think they are the "best" but I'll say Tauros and Kangaskhan from Pokemon Red and Blue because they were in the Safari Zone, and such a pain to catch. Oh, and rare.

Nimblest-Assassin1926d ago

10) Lanturn
9) Tentacruel
7) Milotic

There... this is one of those 10 split on 10 pages

Also, some of those pokemon are hard to get... Milotic was something I wanted to have, but getting a feebas and then boosting its beauty is hard as hell

ItsTrue1926d ago

You saved me from all that clicking. Thank you!

NastyLeftHook01925d ago

froslass was a good pokemon.

Gaming1011925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

Which Pokemon did I not bother catching? All of them, because Pokemon sucks! Grow up you babies!

hkgamer1925d ago

I always caught them by using some sort of glitch. Had to go to safari zone, then fly out to the tiny little island and run/swim up and down. Then you would see every pokemon from safari zone. You can actually do that for any area to be really honest.

TrendyGamers1926d ago

Heracross is always a good choice.

Relientk771926d ago

Yeah, he's actually like the only one on this list I actually had. However, I pretty much only played Blue, Yellow, and Gold/Silver

ChunkyLover531926d ago

Bu..bu.bu...but you gotta catch'em all!

Relientk771926d ago

I believed that for Pokemon Blue and Red. Then they started added Pokemon, like 100s lol. My Pokemon Blue file has all original 151, but I dare not try with Gold/Silver or any of the later entries

WildArmed1926d ago

Like-wise, before I believed "This is it, 151, must get 'em all, or crap out my game boy trying"

Then a few years later, you have 600 pokemon.. it just doesn't matter anymore. They are going to add another 300 whenever they feel like it.

Your collection will never be complete. I think it really hurt once they decided to keep increasing the Pokemon. I loved Red/blue/yellow, heck even Gold/Silver was awesome, 100 new pokemon? I can deal w/ that. Then they just kept doing it again and again.

Never touched a Pokemon game since :(

SuperLupe1926d ago

Same here, Pokemon lost its magic to me when they started adding Pokemons left and right.

TXIDarkAvenger1926d ago


So most of you are saying you gave up on Pokemon games after gold/silver because they just kept adding more Pokemon? Sounds like I'm one of the few who still like the Pokemon games since the original.

jghvhv1926d ago

None of those Pokemon are even in the top percentage.I'll stick to my Rattata,thank you very much.

Swiggins1926d ago

You give me hope Youngster Joey, you give us all hope!

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LAWSON721926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

flygon insapphire/ruby was amazing eventhough it took an effort to get him to evolve because i thought his first two forms sucked

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