God of War Ascension's MP an Epic Mess

HiddenMission writes: God of War Ascension's MP an Epic Mess is what I would be saying if I was a complete fool and a total tool.

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Pintheshadows2292d ago

Horribly hit seeking title on display.

HiddenMission2292d ago

Thanks an insult...and you couldn't even be bothered with reading the first line of the description...might have noticed that the title is part of the opening line of my post.

Not hit seeking I thought the use of the word Epic and the fact that MP has been in question would be a good part to start a discussion.

It also served a purpose to see if those who commented could read the post first...

PockyKing2292d ago (Edited 2292d ago )

Dude.... God of War Ascension's MP an EPIC MESS. That's what people see and are instantly going to jump at you. Don't act surprised and don't act like it's an insult. It's such an obvious flamebait title that I have a hard time not laughing at it.

You certainly will start a shit storm discussion.

Edit: Holy hell, does nobody go through and check the articles we approve? I'm sorry, but this is horribly written. I literally stopped reading after the third paragraph because of the grammatical errors in the post. I'm all for people to start writing, but don't publish something like this and post a flamebait title in the hopes somebody will click on your site. As a fellow writer, this is the reason we lose credibility..

DasBunker2292d ago

It makes it seem like you already played.. at least that's what i thought...

but turns out you haven't.. you're just making deductions from what you seen.

The title could've been "GOW MP analysis".. but of course that wouldn't get you as many hits.

Silly Mammo2292d ago (Edited 2292d ago )

Your title reminds me of a Simpsons episode. Lame...

Director: Congratulations, Bart Simpson: you're our new Fallout Boy!
Bart: [gasps]
Director: That's what I'd be saying to you if you weren't an inch too short. Next!

chrisarsenalsavart2292d ago


That s what i would have said just to get as many hits as possible

Pintheshadows2292d ago

If I hadn't of read your "article" (which sadly, I did) I wouldn't of known the title was deliberately hitseeking would I?

I hate when people come on here and so stubbornly defend their "work" even when it's poor. I see below you don't take criticism very well.

The fact is you haven't even played Ascension, therefore i'm not interested in your baseless deductions, stupid headline or not.

morganfell2292d ago (Edited 2292d ago )

would be plastered on my wall if I had any.

See the idiocy and aggravation of a misleading headline?

It serves one purpose only. To gather attention. It is the literary equivalent of jumping up and down and screaming at the top of your lungs while blocking traffic. And it's inexcusable.

You mentioned feeling insulted. Well, the readers of N4G feel insulted by attention whoring headlines that have all the substance of day old cotton candy. We're insulted that such articles lack insight and creativity. Yet people such as yourself fall victim to their own ego and erroneously deduce we want to read what you have to say...except you aren't really saying anything.

Finally, welcome to journalism. If you can't handle what you carelessly dish out concerning the work of talented people in the game industry then perhaps another hobby would better suit you.

And before I go, remember, you are writing about an industry in which you do not work. An industry with quite a few adroit, capable hard working people.

Qrphe2292d ago

You reap what you sow.

diablocody2291d ago

If no one bothered to read beyond the title then no one would comment on the fact the title is hit seeking. The title is the complete opposite of your article.

If I had only read the title I would think the article would be about GOW Ascension's MP and how bad it must be. I would also assume it was written by someone who had experience playing Ascension's MP. The fact your article is the complete opposite of this is why the title purely for hits.

"GOW Ascension's MP Looks Epic" would have been a much more appropriate title seeing as you're just voicing your opinions.

Septic2291d ago

I actually can't decide what is more pathetic, the blatant flamebait and misleading title or the author's downright embarrassing attempt to justify it.

I once had a submission reported and failed because it had an exclamation mark at the end of the title. How this mess got approved is beyond me. Whoever approved it really needs to be held accountable if we really are going to ever succeed in filtering out nonsense submissions.

Bathyj2291d ago

@Silly Mammo

Chicken Necks?

rjdofu2291d ago

I hope there's a negative vote called Stupidity.

GameRant2291d ago

The title of the post by itself is a contradiction of the post content.

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mafiahajeri2292d ago

I tried the MP demo at an expo and its pretty EPIC! It was really fun double teaming people and pretty much destroying them.

Its truly unique...

ZombieKiller2292d ago

Should be titled
"God of War Ascension's MP an Epic Mess is what I would title this article if I was a complete fool and a total tool"

PockyKing2292d ago (Edited 2292d ago )

Wow, a far from stealthy flamebait title and they even go to point it out in the description. smh

EPIC is not used commonly in regard with God of War, don't even go there. There is no point in your title, idk what the hell you're talking about. A title is a title, you can't expect another reader to instantly say "OH, I get exactly what he's saying!" Lol, doesn't work that way buddy. Plus, like I said above, this is horribly written, and after the third paragraph I found no reason to read any further.

The title is the first thing people see before anything else and helps them decide if they choose to read an article or not. Sometimes a title is the whole point of the article in one sentence.

HiddenMission2292d ago

I wasn't trying to be stealthy...I guess my point was lost on you...which wouldn't be the first time.

- The point was a word play since word EPIC is more than commonly used regarding the series.

- Fans of the franchise have raised much concern about the inclusion of MP

- I checking to see if readers/commentors were paying attention.

Guess what you proved that you didn't get any of that.

I remember over a year ago Tor Davis did a social experiment on N4G and users proved the same point read beyond the title because you look foolish...when you don't.

jimbobwahey2292d ago

Hahaha yes of course you were checking to see if readers were paying attention to your article, you're the puppet master holding social experiments on N4G to prove that... uh, nobody gives a crap about your crummy website and atrocious writing? Yeah, that's it.

Bravo, you idiot.

Story quality? WTF
Like this website? No

DasBunker2292d ago

It isn't stealthy because it's right there in the madafakin title

ZombieKiller2292d ago (Edited 2292d ago )

Why wold anyone pay attention to you though if they know that the title to the article that you wrote was complete BS?

Stop trying to connive people to read your articles, and write one WORTH reading and the hits will come.
Thank god I can see the retardation from n4g as I do not promote stupidity of any kind regarding gaming journalism.

"I know the N4G crowd just can't learn to actually read a post and live off of a title...yep 4 years on here and the audience never changes." you say....

...and if nobody has "changed" or in this case, paid attention to your crap, then why haven't you moved on? Stop bitching about n4g and go to another website.
Gaming Journalism: So easy a caveman could do it.

NastyLeftHook02292d ago

your confusing epic mess with your article.

Dlacy13g2292d ago

In reading the actual article... I think there are some valid points of concern but ultimately we have to just wait and see.

PockyKing2292d ago

You just have to hope with games that don't normally have mp modes are successful with implementing them, and allows other developers looking to do the same to really put those creative ideas out there.

HiddenMission2292d ago

I know the N4G crowd just can't learn to actually read a post and live off of a title...yep 4 years on here and the audience never changes.

Thank you crowd it's always fun.

ThatKanadianKid2292d ago (Edited 2292d ago )

GTFO lol. Read your dang article! I'm not even a good writer and I couldn't stand reading it because of how badly writen this was. The title makes up the first impression of your post! So don't act like it's our problem, ITS YOURS. Your lack of appreciation for the people who even click on your site is astounding. I'll be sure not to give you any more hits.

Sketchy_Galore2292d ago

You could be the best writer ever to sit behind a keyboard but that doesn't change the fact that your title is a ridiculous sensationalist attempt at grabbing hits. One might think a journalist who was so upset about the public's tendency to concentrate on sensationalist headlines rather than reading the article would actually refuse to be part of the problem and instead allow their articles to speak for themselves.

It's just common journalistic decency to title your piece in a way that gives the reader some idea of the point the article is making. This is why you don't see News headlines like, 'OMG Obama is dead!!!!' over stories that begin, 'That is what we'd be saying if we thought Obama had died. Instead we are happy to report that his recent trip to Canada was a resounding success' .... Well.... I guess that's not a million miles from what you DO see in the news but then that's why journalism is in such a state.

cpayne932292d ago (Edited 2292d ago )

"This is why you don't see News headlines like, 'OMG Obama is dead!!!!' over stories that begin, 'That is what we'd be saying if we thought Obama had died."

HAHAHA That is golden right there. Good point tho.

N311V2292d ago

Your title matches the article and most importantly attracts attention so don't be ashamed of that. No need to be so aggressive in your defense, you're going to have to learn to take some critism.

chrisarsenalsavart2292d ago (Edited 2292d ago ) are just a bunch of trolling clowns who are so desperate to get as many hits as possible.

And on top of that you insult the good people who, rightly so, refuse to be tricked in by your tabloid ways of posting an article.

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