Interesting Sandbox MMORPGs Currently Under Development

So for those who are looking for a full-fledged sandbox type of MMO game, there is some good news. There are at least 3 MMORPGs due for release next year (2013) that have sandbox-style features.

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Abriael2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

Rather lame article, with very little information about the MMOs listed, and not even the most prominent or interesting parts.

For instance the section of ArcheAge doesn't even include a mention of ships and naval warfare.

Morale: If you don't know about a game more than a few snippets and a wikipedia blurb, don't write about it.

hellkitten2289d ago

It's an article about sandbox MMORPGs and not a review of Archeage. Only the sandbox features are discussed like player housing, crafting, dynamic environments, etc.

ShoryukenII2289d ago

I think that the ships exploring the vast sea is a large part of the sandbox experience in that game.

Imagine sailing off to a small island to build a house and when you come back, you were robbed by pirates. You hire a group of mercenaries to capture them and you take them to court (which is all possible in the game with players). Turns out the jury is full of the pirate's allies and they go free. The possibilities are endless with that game. :p

hellkitten2290d ago

You mean moral. Morale is esprit de corps.

mmofanatic2289d ago

Nice list though I believe there are some another sandbox MMOs under development at this time. They just aren't heard about much since they are lower budget.

For example, check out this link. - "Be whatever you want to be in our massive medieval low-fantasy world. Putting the sand back into sandbox, and Massive back into MMORPG."

Oh and Abriael is just being rude. His last 10 submissions were all videos...of other people. Why not try writing or recording your own stuff first and then complaining about other people's work?

Not every single post will cover ever single feature of every game. Some constructive criticism would be okay but to tell someone "don't write about it" just because you use sources instead of being the primary source yourself is just rude, especially as he also does the exact same thing himself.