G4 Tech Review: Drumshhh 'Rock Band' Pads gets to play around with all the cool new gadgets and tell you what to think about them. Here's the scoop on the Drumshhh Rock Band Drum Pads.

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EZCheez3667d ago

I went to Wal-Mart and picked up some material called "foamie" paper which just so happened to come in a red, blue, yellow and green sheet package that cost only $4.50. The material almost completely mutes the sounds and doesn't effect hits registering at all.

Only buy stuff like this if you're really lazy or cannot cut a circle.

va_bank3667d ago

Change that to "just lazy" :)

I used a link on the playstation forums and made my own out of self-adhesive rubber foam and felt. The article shows a tool called circle cutter ($15, but can be easily returned if you no longer needed) And unlike these, mine ARE re-usable and you WON'T have to clean the drum surface after you peel them off.

Lord_Ash3666d ago

If these help the drum pad live longer then ok, if not then not ok.

My yellow pad don't register all the hits, and it frustrating at times.

YoYoMan3597d ago

You can pick up some really good pads from