Zone of the Enders HD Collection box art released

"You have to admit that this artwork looks pretty stunning. While the collection doesn't come out for a little longer, the box art is enough to make me want to replay these games all over again."

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CalvinKlein2289d ago

I hope its still coming out on VITA too. I never finished ZOE 2 and need to play it.

Zeixama2289d ago

I had played ZOEII for four times. It is made on Metal Gear Solid 2 game engine. There are different awesome orbital frames and versions to play. There is a versus mode to play against AI or another player. In mission-story mode, mission realms and layouts are uniquely designed; you have to adapt to dynamic game-play changing environments while fighting against all kinds machines, robots. There are unlockable secret and optional spoiler things that I don't want to spoil here. Man, every boss fight is unique and challenging; they will force you and intimidate you. While you improve, your orbital frame gets new defense and attack enhancements, new attack patterns, weapons and level-ups. My favourite boss fight is Zakat, weapon is Vector!!! and attack pattern is Dash Attack! There is a mission where you and your comrades fight against countless enemies; like over 500~1000 robots; it is up to your performance and thirst for robot blood. You can grab enemies or other metals, spin and spin and spin them to throw onto other enemies. Mission layouts and environments are dynamic and they will try to crush you. Cutscenes are made of Japanese animation style. BGM is fair, at someplaces it is good, at some other places it is strange. And... there is ADA!!! Yeah A-D-A! No talk about her. The other thing is once you finish the whole game, you will get a result screen with ranking.

Another thing is; if you play ZOEII before ZOEI, then you will find that ZOEI's gameplay is clumsy and unbalanced and not as fast as ZOEII's. But this is HD and I don't know Konami-Kojima team is fixing ZOEI's problems.

At the end of the road, you will get an awesome robot-machine experience, since there are plenty, but not good enough video games about lovely robots. The other video game about playable robots that I can suggest is Another Century's Episode 2; it is Japanese. I played it and I am sure you can find an online guide about how to play it. And there is a Rahxephon video game about robots. I have the video game, had played and never finished; if I meet a guy who finished it, I respect him or her. o O

Xof2289d ago

Very nice.

It's a shame most collection covers are so painfully half-assed. Quarter-assed. Eigth-assed?

Psycho_Mantis2289d ago

Mah gawd....MUST...HAVE...IT...NOW ! Is this supposed to be a collectors edition or something for NA version?

sonicsidewinder2289d ago

I've neva played a Zone of dee Enders game.

Should I be peaking I can play it 'for the first time'?

execution172289d ago

both games are awesome, zoe2 is a big step up from 1 tho :)

Tidybrutes2288d ago

Hope he vita gets a similar boxed editon.

Hicken2288d ago

Me, too, cuz that's what I plan on getting it for.