Insomniac's Ted Price: "Interest certainly hasn't waned in Ratchet"

Ratchet & Clank and Resistance developer Insomniac Games is in something of a transitional phase. It's done making Resistance games, it's got a new IP on the way with the just barely announced Fuse - formerly called Overstrike - and it just recently released its first Facebook game Outernauts.

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Relientk772290d ago

Why would it? Ratchet & Clank is amazing franchise. Fantastic platforming and story, creative and destructive weapons and gadgets, and the games are just a blast to play, really fun.

Hatsune-Miku2290d ago

I will say that the ratchet games are so underrated. Amazing series I think with innovative ideas and platforming

Relientk772290d ago

Ratchet & Clank and the Spyro the Dragon series are my favorite franchises by Insomniac. I wish they still had the rights to Spyro. :-/

Abash2290d ago

Ratchet retail releases need a competitive multiplayer mode, that would definitely make sales even bigger

linkratos2289d ago

I love how the sheep just instantly disagree with Abash. Anyone who has played multiplayer Ratchet knows how awesome it can be.

JKelloggs2290d ago

Also with Jak and Daxter, it needs a sequel. I agree with Spyro too, and with Crash, wish Activision didn't own the rights to them, the last games that they made with them in, were just horrific. Bring back the oldies!

black9112289d ago

Jak and daxter PS4. Sony is saving alot for PS4.

fredrikpedersen2289d ago

How did Activision end up with the rights for Crash anyway?

Teflon022289d ago

Easy way to say it is, Naughty Dogg was owned by Universal games while Crash 1- CTR was developed. After that I believe something happened where Sony had the chance to aquire them and they did, Insomniac didn't want to be aquired i believe. But when this happened Sony as a company new to the games industry made a big mistake. They mistake of not getting the IP rights before getting Naughty Dogg so Universal owned it by default. So I think they murged with vivendi and then something happened and activision was under vivendi so they game them the rights tk the game. This is after radical games and so on trying to make hits. But I believe crash has no new games because they realized Naughty Dogg onky knows the key to good crash lol. And if sony was smart they'd buy out crash now since vivendi is trying to sell activision which means crash would be fairly cheap right now and naughty dogg said theyd love to do a new crash game

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ado9082290d ago


I don't see why you got disagrees. That would be a great idea. Kinda have that Deadlocked vibe into the game's multiplayer

TheLyonKing2290d ago

I just disagreed cause I don't see why every game has to have some multi-player aspect.

ado9082289d ago


Putting in multiplayer in this game is totally different then multiplayer say in COD. You play Ratchet and clank up your arsenal? You ever play the game modes with your friend or sibling splitscreen and try to mess around and capture and destroy bases? It's amazingly fun. Late ps3 releases of R&C has never had multiplayer so it'll be cool to have it because it will give more replayability. Besides you have the option to play multiplayer it's not like you're forced to. I'm a true R&C fan and I know many other's who are too and they would love to try out multiplayer together

Freak of Nature2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

@ ADO908...

I quess because "Abash" he did not totally praise the game bowing down to it on his knees...? if it's not all candycanes and rainbows here about a PS3 game you get bashed, there is no realistic middle ground, no option to even give something PS3/2 related the most minute crit.It's OMGZzzzz, the best ever or else!

Now watch my disagrees? And I own all the systems with PS3 being my favorite, and PS4 will be bought on DAY 1!...But no matter, no room for anything but the sweetest of words, the grandest of compliments, if you do or say what I just have it's the plank for ye...Just watch me in a second LOL....

Anyways. Ratchet and Clank is one of my favorite series, I do wish they would evolve some, add some depth,bring in a new hook, instead of what seems to be going the old cash cow route (right I dare say that here on N4G's..... A new open World, more depth in COOP, add MP in a bigger way, sure you don't care for MP, then don't play it, but it's a nice option for many...remote play treatment for Vita would be great...

Overstrike (FUSE) looks very promising, one high up on my radar list...


-Gespenst-2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

I just wish Insomniac would make a proper outing. All these new spin-off games feel like they should be modes in or gameplay features of a larger, proper R&C game.

Also, Insomniac getting the rights to Spyro again would be a dream come true. If they could get Stewart Copeland on board too... agh, incredible. Sad that it probably won't happen.

indubitably2289d ago

Ratchet & Clank is literally the only reason I want a PS3. I beat the first 4 games 100% on the PS2 but I can't quite do that by just borrowing my friend's PS3

Canary2289d ago

I wouldn't go that far. The gameplay -is- perfectly executed, but story has -never- been R&C's strong point.

And as for the interest not waning... well, yes, part of that can be attributed to the fact that it's a great franchise... but I think the greater part is because, well, Insomniac's really the ONLY developer left making that kind of PS2-era platformer. The only other games that come close are either Nintendo's 3D mario platformers (to a degree) or HD ports of PS2 games.

If there were still games like Jak and Daxter, Sly Cooper, Maximo, Beyond Good & Evil, etc., etc. coming out, Ratchet and Clank wouldn't be nearly so popular today.

Which is a shame. As much as I love Ratchet and Clank, I'd love some competition in the market a good bit more.

HellzAssassin2289d ago

Honestly, I agree with Abash and linkratos. The competitive multiplayer in Deadlocked was a hell of alot of fun back in the days. Granted, I'm not absolutely crazy about most MP options in games that don't need it, but Ratchet would definitely benefit from an incredible online competitive MP experience with the tons of different skins, weapons, customization options and so forth, as long as they keep the single player top notch. Similar to what Naughty Dog has done with the Uncharted franchise.

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dorron2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

Ratchet franchise is amazing, but I feel lately they're heading a wrong direction. I don't feel All for One was a Ratchet game at all. Didn't catch my interest. And the forcoming Qforce...I tried the demo and I'm not convinced (still buying it since it was damn cheap and had crossbuy, but ...tower defense???? come on!!!).

They should go back to A crack in time style gameplay...

OhMyGandhi2290d ago

Interest in Ratchet couldn't be higher.
My own love for the franchise begins with the characters, the hysterical writing, the beautiful and extremely well realized worlds, and ends with the rock solid game mechanics.
No other game I've played in recent times makes you feel so good collecting things. It's the explosion of bolts that gravitate towards you as you run by them, the "ting" sound as you collect them, it's like the best kind of drug.
More than a single coin from Mario, I could compare the feeling of collecting bolts to Sonic running through a solid, uninterrupted line of rings in a loop.

A fine example of quality writing and design, and (obviously) some of the best weapons in gaming.

Captain Qwark 92289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

all 4 one.....full frontal assault.....

Captain Qwark 92289d ago

its going to start if they dont give us a real ratchet soon. all 4 one was a joke and full frontal assault looks like another mediocre game to tarnish the franchise. a crack in time was amazing and the best since going commando and those game are how you follow it up! thats a freaking joke.

Capt-FuzzyPants2289d ago

Full Frontal Assault looks like it could be pretty fun for what it is. I want a real Ratchet game too like A Crack in Time too. But Full Frontal Assault looks like a MOBAish game and i hope they add in 5v5 eventually because a 3rd person MOBA game on consoles would be pretty fun.

MidnytRain2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

Couldn't have said it better myself! While I didn't play the games, the betas for A4O and FFA were terrible. Not technically so, but as a concepts they blew chunks. A Crack in Time needs a proper successor.

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