Games That Secretly Suck: Scribblenauts

"Of all the games that secretly suck, Scribblenauts is without a doubt the sneakiest. It is a game so secretly sucky that it has snuck its way into nearly every DS-owning house across America and is right now rearranging your sock drawer and hitting on your girlfriend. The way the game industry had been hyping up this game, you would have thought it came packaged with the cure to the common cold and dispensed money and bacon at your every whim. It didn’t stop at just hype; nearly every single reviewer I’ve read has praised Scribblenauts so highly that it has made their children jealous and I’m almost positive that they tuck in their copy of the game at night and read it stories, tussling its hair until it falls asleep. Even GameCola, or “the most trusted name in videogame news” according to the New York Times, was at the front of the line when it came to lavishing praise upon the game. Our incessant celebration of the game eventually culminated in a year-end award for Scribblenauts as the best portable title in 2009, and a restraining order for us after we kept showing up at 5th Cell’s headquarters with flowers and threats that we wouldn’t be ignored.", writes Nikola Suprak.

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Jadedz2290d ago

GTA IV (imo), secretly sucked. San Andreas sold a lot of copies on the PS2 for a reason (I enjoyed it over IV).

smashcrashbash2290d ago

Just watch the Scribblenauts video review that Yatzee made and you will see why it really sucks