Shots Fired: The Best of Game Industry Trash Talk

NES: It’s normal for game developers, game analysts, and other people in the industry to voice their opinions, no matter how negative they might be. Plenty of shots are always being fired in the gaming industry, and we wanted to cover as many as we could find. There’s no possible way to find every single quote out there, but we feel this is a great collection of trash talking in the gaming industry.

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omarzy2289d ago

G4 really pisses me off. Every other "insult" is just business talk. "don't buy that, buy this" G4 seems to have pure hate towards people. People want Megaman Legends, G4. If they want to push for that game, then do not publicly mock them like little b*tche$. Uncharted is a great series, but to praise uncharted and then bash Zelda for not evolving gameplay is a little ironic when comparing it to Uncharted. Almost every series does not greatly evolve the gameplay. Halo is always the same(great series) Metal Gear has not changes in years(great seires. you can see where i am going with this. Not a huge gameplay change, but great games every time) Nobody i know felt insulted while playing Mario Galaxy, surely did not feel like an adult playing Ratchet and Clank. Great game, but don't talk about adult gaming when you control a Lombax, a talking robot and you shoot robots with laser guns that turn them into ducks( i love that weapon in up your arsenal) The Zelda insult shows just how much G4 is obsessed with graphics. The Megamna Legends 3 mocking is just down right rude. This is why your show is hated and why you are getting taken down.

vortis2289d ago

Uhh, from MGS1 to MGS4 there's a huuuuuuuuuuuuge difference.

Octocam for the win.

ChickeyCantor2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

Morgan tries to appeal to this "mature hardcore crowd" cause you know...she is a chick. And chicks in gaming power up the viewers rating. Because fapping is nice.

Honestly, just show some cleavage and do not speak woman. That seems to be your job anyways.

FYI, I don't objectify women, this woman in particular is just asking to be objectified. Her stance on gaming is just utterly fake and just business talk. The only reason she is there is so to raise some d*ck...o and viewer ratings.

amaguli2289d ago

Look at G4 throwing words like "adult" and "mature" around while dissing Nintendo. The irony kills.

Tonester9252289d ago

The talk right now is Playstation All Stars Battle Royale vs Smash Bros

tehpees32289d ago

I was hoping Denis would be there. I remember his war against NeoGAF like it was yesterday. "Y'all skeptical of my game forum posters! well then STAND AND BE COUNTED!"

Pushagree2289d ago

Hideo's words still hold truth to this very day.

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