Uplay members to get 'privilege access' to Far Cry 3 multiplayer beta

Uplay members will be granted "privilege access" to Far Cry 3's upcoming multiplayer beta, Ubisoft has revealed.

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ab5olut10n2285d ago

I really don't think this Uplay business is going to work out for them.

vortis2285d ago

Console fanboys disagree with you, they want Uplay to stay in business to torture PC gamers. So long as Uplay is alive, PC Master Race can't tout how great games look because Uplay never works.

ab5olut10n2285d ago

I don't see this as a console vs pc issue. Their whole model seems half assed in the implementation and aimless and meandering in the design.

Muffins12232285d ago

Last time i checked.Choosing which platform you want to play on dose not make you any different from any other gamers.Pc gamers aren't a race.And if they where somehow a "race" they would be classified as the obese 30 year old virgins.

mafiahajeri2285d ago

I love how they said that the beta would come out in the summer aswell as shafting the guys that bought GR just for the beta. LOL this always happens and people just dont learn!

"there are programs for our Uplay members to have privilege access to the [Far Cry 3] beta when the game launches"

Well thats nice a beta when the game is released. Nice one Ubisoft!

Grimhammer002285d ago

Yeah.... I thought the same. I really can't see this doing well after moh2, blops2 and soon to be released borderlands 2.

urwifeminder2285d ago

Sweet got some great deals on uplay will check that out thankd ubi.

urwifeminder2285d ago

Sweet got some great deals on uplay will check that out thanks ubi.

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