Final Fantasy XIII Report: Story, Scans, Split Screen, Delay

The Final Fantasy XIII Podcast has reported on all the confusion over recent Final Fantasy XIII news in their latest episode, making sense of it all. The show also tackles recent KH news with a special guest from

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name3672d ago

Lightning is very pleasing to look at.

pharmd3672d ago

so is your avatar...quite the hottie she is

Guwapo773672d ago

No offense...but she looks like a blow up doll.

...yeah I know way off topic.

Mercutio3672d ago

Funny thing is I have this guy on my Psn friendlist lol

Kyll3672d ago

You have me on your PSN? Haha, REVEAL YOURSELF!

Finalfantasykid3672d ago

He's on my PSN lol

We had some pretty cool chats over PS3 a little while ago :D

Greek993672d ago

Final Fantasy 13 never got delayed. Square Enix s hoping to release it 2008. But they are not sure if it will make it on time.