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gamrReview: "A critical look at the new Resident Evil."

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Revolver_X_2084d ago

The "black zombie" comment threw all the writers RE credibility out the window, doubting he had any to begin with. Yet another slew of lies from an ass-uming failed troll article. Someone who hasnt played a single demo, his comment on RE6 having an abundance of ammo like RE5, proves that. Poor read, sounded like a rant more then an opinion piece. To each his own, almost thought blahblah wrote that article.

GammaSix2084d ago

this was one of the worst rants ive ever read

CoryHG2084d ago

Wouldn't call this a troll article as most people are fed up with the series. I do think they're trying to close it out like the author stated. If not, it needs to be and rebooted.