Here’s The Photograph Of That Lovely Assassin’s Creed Cosplayer That You Were Looking For

Fans of the Assassin's Creed franchise might take a shine to this cosplayer.

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INehalemEXI1598d ago

how did they know I was looking for... omg.

egidem1597d ago

Ah, they know us so well.

inveni01597d ago

I wouldn't kick her out of bed, but in terms of Hollywood attractiveness, she has a little too much meat on her thighs for me. Just a little. I don't like scrawny, but she could drop five or ten from those thighs, and then I'd become a predator.

MidnytRain1597d ago

Are you kidding? I'm definitely not into the chubby ones, but God do I love a pair of thighs that are a handful. ;)

PS3Freak1597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

Her thighs are sexy. I'm not sure if you're aware, but "Hollywood attractiveness" requires that a girl have either anorexia or bulimia.

I'll take me a real women thank you.

Winter47th1597d ago

OMG YES! *Clicks on next for more pics*

egidem1597d ago


You just had to be one of those, didn't you?

On the plus side, this is actually an awesome cosplay...may I ask, WHO IS THE GIRL?!?

sak5001597d ago

@inveni u prob are still a virgin and never hasve been with a girl since just looking at one side of the thigh you think that it is chubby. If you see the waist you'll notice how thin she is. If you see her in bathing suit you'll see the thighs are proportionate to her body and not at all chubby.

Good luck using your hand as your girlfriend for next 20 years.

Try the woman sitting behind her for the size.

callahan091597d ago

Hey inveni0, you're supposed to be looking at the woman IN FRONT of the lady wearing the Ghostbusters shirt. Try again...

guitarded771597d ago

I was immediately drawn to her thighs. Big thighs on a nice body is attractive. Maybe that's why so many like Chun Li.

ThanatosDMC1597d ago

How do you make her rotate for a better and closer angle???

inveni01597d ago

That's fair. Attack my sexual experience. You're right. I'm 72 years old, and I've never had sex with a girl before. I can't even masturbate because of my arthritis.

Is that what you want to hear?

When I WAS a virgin, I would have slept with anything. In fact, I lost my virginity to a horribly nasty creature. Why? Because I was THAT horny. I'm just not that horny anymore.

MidnytRain1597d ago

"72 years old"
Wait, were you being serious?

egidem1596d ago

Her name is Angelica Danger Dawn. Here's more goodness of her:

Apparently she has a facebook fanpage as well, but I'm not going to bother with that. :)

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Perjoss1597d ago

They know because it's not really 2012 and you're not really sitting in front of your computer in your bath robe... It's actually quite a few years in the future, you are quite smartly dressed and you're plugged into one of these:

Leio1597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

A massive ASSassin

SilentNegotiator1597d ago

At least make a sentence or something.

"I'd love to play with that ASSassin!"

Blacktric1597d ago

Her Facebook fanpage for the ones interested.

Flavor1597d ago

Don't have what it takes to be a model? Failed drama school?

Crave attention, even if it is from the lowest rungs of society?

Become a cosplayer!

xAlmostPro1597d ago

its posted on reddit like 3 times a week

NeXXXuS1597d ago

Unless you're gay like me and you'd rather see a guy under that hood XD

SilentNegotiator1597d ago

It's not the gay part. It's that a man would look ridiculous in that.

Thigh boots? No legs? No.

Plus, your comment has a real "Cool Story, Bro" angle to it.

NeXXXuS1596d ago

@silent - The entire article has a "cool story bro" angle to it. There's just a lot of users on here eye-humping the picture for all they think it's worth.

SilentNegotiator1595d ago

But at least that is the article's INTENT.

No one asked you if you'd rather see a man.

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Jazz41081597d ago

This article and most of the comments are very shallow and exploit woman.

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DaThreats1598d ago

We need more sexy female assassins

Sketchy_Galore1597d ago

Damn she's sexy as hell, the one in the foreground isn't bad either.

MxRBrobaFett1597d ago

Fap fap fap.. At the one on the right

dcortz20271597d ago


I didn't even know about this cosplay chick , but thanks so much for this! :D